Our Story

Driven by the will to develop professionally, we, Simon Werba and Elmar Deligianni, began to fine-tune our own business idea in autumn 2018. At that time we had a basic incontinence sensor with a mobile phone connectivity in mind.

We subjected our idea to various tests in the first accelerator program, the Gründungsgarage. Quickly we learned how to think “out of the box” and what it means to actually carry out entrepreneurship. Our business idea was improved constantly and we joined various start-up programs. Even better than the 3rd place at the Gründungsgarage was the fact that Werner Lamprecht – burning for the idea – joined the team.

In addition to the completion of various other Start-Up programs, we conducted countless interviews. Nursing experts, health care professionals and nursing homes gave us feedback to our idea. Therefore we could constantly optimize our business model and adapt it to the specific user requirements.

In summer 2019 the team was expanded by Stefan Ponsold and Manuel Rainer, and by July, DigniSens was incubated by Science Park Graz. In autumn of the same year, we achieved our most important milestone so far: the AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice) granted DigniSens the Impulse XL funding. Equipped with appropriate funds, we founded our company as a GmbH (ltd.) in spring 2020 and since we are focusing on the product development and the implementation of certification processes for both the product and the company itself.

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