Being a nurse by conviction

Responsibility - Sense of duty - Love for people

These are the values that drive you, motivate you and make you give your best every day. Day and night, tasks and hurdles await you, and there are plenty to overcome. The quick care in case of incontinence episodes - the quick reaction in case of a conspicuous movement. No one should be left alone, your best for the people entrusted to you. We support you in this - day and night with our sensor system.

Easier and more efficient work

Let us assist you

As a nurse you assist people who need help. Very often simultaneously. This requires your 100% attention. Thanks to our technology you now have a digital system that supports you. Focusing on acute care, our system saves you unnecessary trips and unnecessary checks - react when something really happens or needs to be done. This way you can work more efficiently and, above all, in a more relaxed manner.

Nursing homes

Empowering nursing homes

Predicting care needs for the efficient allocation of resources

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