Simple integration in your workflow


All-in-one & Multifunctional

We offer an innovative all-in-one solution, which has not been available before. A reusable multi-functional sensor device, attached to the outside of an incontinence product. It provides real-time information about incontinence episodes and the movement of patients. Above all: it is reusable! Therefore ideal for use in nursing homes and private care, where these issues are of particular relevance.

Put into operation

Trust in digital support

The sensor device integrates itself inconspicuously into the care process. As a result, you can go about your work and the device keeps an unobtrusive eye on your patients. As soon as it detects special events it informs you immediately. Whether on the mobile phone, on the tablet, on the PC or the call system. You decide how you want to be informed. For example, if you work as a private nurse, you can easily link it to your mobile phone.


Integrate DigniSens into your working environment

As soon as you activate the device for the first time, it is recognized by your chosen frontend. You can connect the device to the system quickly and easily. Assign the name of the person to it, set the relevant values and thus determine when you would like to be informed. From now on, the sensor device works in the background and reports as soon as an event occurs. In other words: a digital helping hand that is always at your side.

Core features

High-Tech Sensors

The detection of defecation as well as urine is achieved by the use of various highly sensitive sensors.

Motion Monitoring

Motion and position sensors, in conjunction with pattern recognition, enable the motion monitoring.



Due to the combination of movement and several sensor values, caregivers can optimize and adapt the continence management.




Any Front End

The multi-protocol API allows connection to the most common front ends used in the care sector.


Real-time data transmission to the front end enables delay-free monitoring of the values relevant to you.


All data and events can be automatically stored and evaluated in the documentation system.

Multi Use

Countless sensor devices can be paired with each front end simultaneously - thanks to the network solution from DigniSens.


The reusable devices save resources, protect the environment and underline sustainability requirements.

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