Technology in the hands of Care Providers

Nursing Homes

Care Home providers are focussed on delivering the very best possible care to patients, facilities and technologies to Care Givers, whilst offering reassurance to families. DigniSens is here to make that job easier.

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Care Givers

Care Givers are our multi-tasking heroes. Many patients need support at the same time and we understand the challenge you face. DigniSens keeps track of everyone's needs and helps you prioritise the care you give.

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Care Givers

Keep track of patient needs in real-time

The care given by resident nurses never ends. Whether during the day or night DigniSens detects incontinence episodes and tracks the movement of people in need of care. Alerts are sent out either through the integrated light system or by text to a smartphone, so care can be delivered quickly and when needed most.

Nursing Homes

Gain patient insights and anticipate individual care needs

Managing care-home resources to meet the needs of patients and care workers alike provides a unique challenge. DigniSens discreetly monitors care needs, generates detailed patient reports, and predicts demand for individual care, so caregivers can better prioritise their time.

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We are driven by our values

Social Responsibility

A more dignified and better life for people in need of care.


We create a sustainable and eco-friendly solution with our product.

Further Developm.

We constantly develop our product further and live the progress.

Made in Austria

We develop and manufacture in Austria and thus support the local economy.