Frequently asked questions

If the device becomes contaminated, you can clean it with soap or disinfect the surface with disinfectant. The basic requirement for the case of the device regarding the surface quality is to resist the most common disinfectants and cleaning agents.

No, although the device is splash-proof, it is not waterproof due to its construction and function.

The battery life is between 2 and 3 months of continuous operation, depending on function usage.

Yes, the simple and handy design allows you to replace the battery yourself.

The sensor device is pressed into the fastening band and held by it. If the mounting strap breaks, it can be easily replaced.

You can decide individually for each separate sensor device/patient which functions you want to use. This allows you to best adapt to the needs of the patient and your personal requirements.

Not every incontinence product has the same surface structure or outer material. However, DigniSens takes great care during development to ensure compatibility with the products of the most common manufacturers.

No. The device is expressly not intended for use in diagnosing or detecting medical conditions/diseases.